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Welcome to Plant Powered Media - your ultimate source of plant-based inspiration for a healthy and happy life!  

If you're plant-based, vegetarian, plant-curious, or simply interested in living YOUR happiest, healthiest life, you're in the right place!

I'm a plant-based creator, mom and regular person who simply believes that ALL OF US can change our lives for the better.

I'm excited to use my platform to bring you:
• The latest plant-based news and research
• General health, wellness and fitness news, tips, tricks, and hacks.
• Daily, uplifting inspiration AND motivation!

Plus, my Plant Powered Picks newsletter, a weekly selection of curated, plant-based/sustainable products, news, brands, ideas and more!

I'm delivering information to you in a way that's accessible and practical, so you can make tangible changes in your life.

Health and wellness should be accessible to all!

Join me on this journey, not only for better health, but for a more sustainable and compassionate future!

How to Contact Me

Direct message me on the Plant Powered Picks Instagram page:, or email plantpoweredteam[at]

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