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The Vegan Industry Is Booming

This week's newsletter talks a little bit more about what I call "vegan's PR problem" (sign up for the newsletter to learn more!), but what I find interesting is that - despite this - the global vegan food market is expected to double to $92B by 2028.

What does this mean? Our world is going through a transformative shift. It also means there are tons of opportunities in the vegan and plant-based space across all product categories.

There are a lot of stories about the scary things happening in our world and to our climate. There's nothing wrong with being informed about these realities - but don't forget there are many reasons to be hopeful, too.

Governments had already gotten started but now businesses around the world are working toward more sustainable, and by default, kinder, ways of operating.

I was recently talking to someone - awesome person who is in the business world - about Plant Powered Media and my goals for the business. The person asked me "Is this a phase for you? Do you think you'll be vegan for the foreseeable future?" What I said was "Well, yes. I've been vegan for five years now and started this company. I'm pretty set."

What I wish I would have said is this: "Not only will I be vegan, but you'll be vegan too."


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